Friday, April 18, 2014

Child Custody Issues: How Physics and Lawyers in Indianapolis Can Help

Sit-Downs Still Better
Gomberoff may be on to something, though, and statistical physics may eventually be used to understand the dynamics of blended families. Until this happens, however, divorcing parties are better off sitting down and talking with each other.

After all, they still have the court to contend with. With the help of family lawyers in Indianapolis like Eric L. Risk, divorcing couples get a better chance of arriving at an agreeable settlement whether in or out of court. So far, Gomberoff’s model only makes sense for a network with fewer than five people, which is not realistic in many of today’s cases.

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Personal Injury: Seek Justice with Help from Indianapolis Attorneys

Law enforcement agents sometimes face situations when an accident happens but they see no traffic violation. The boy’s parents said that the driver initially fled the scene, but came back after the father gave chase after him. When the police got to the scene, the man was already there to respond to the police’s questions. Even with witnesses on the scene, Brockton police claimed they couldn’t make any arrests that day.

Brockton police chief Robert Hayden promised a full investigation into the matter. For personal injury lawyers, the battle for restitution is far from over.