Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Skilled lawyers in Indianapolis Help You Fight for Your Custody Rights

Certain custody cases such as Patric’s may have domestic/family violence as a precedent for determination. Under Indiana Code 31 Chapter 14, Section 13, the court can decide in the child’s best interests after accounting for factors such as proof of either parent committing domestic violence. Patric was not allowed to see his son when Schreiber got a one-year restraining order on him; she claimed it was a product of his repeated harassment and offensive remarks about her in the presence of the child.

No child should ever be denied the chance to know his or her biological parents. Patric says he wants to do everything in his power to prove he never abandoned Gus. A family law attorney from Indianapolis like Eric L. Risk can be a trusted ally in such a quest.

Monday, July 28, 2014

Skilled Indianapolis Attorneys: Helping You Fight False Allegations

Searcher and Searchee

Meanwhile, in case you get accused of hiding some unlawful materials in your house, Gesse says that you must insist on a search warrant first. If the arresting authorities serve the warrant and find nothing incriminating or took something that was not listed in the document, your lawyer can use this as evidence.

Stand your ground, even when you feel the entire world is against you. A trusted criminal defense attorney from Indianapolis, such as Eric L. Risk, can give you have a fighting chance.