Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Three Reasons Why You Should Hire Lawyers to Deal with a DUI Case

Facing a DUI (driving under the influence) charge on your own isn’t exactly not allowed; after all, you’re free to decide for yourself. If you’re a regular civilian with very little knowledge of the law, however, hiring lawyers to represent you in a DUI case in Indianapolis will gain better results. Here are the reasons why. You need someone who knows the laws inside out. Aside from your inadequate knowledge of the law, you’re also not familiar with court proceedings, especially if your case goes to trial. In addition, every state has its own laws and penalties for DUI-related crimes, which you may not know and you may not be equipped to prove that you’re innocent.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

Need Help Against a DUI Charge? Call a Good Criminal Defense Attorney

No matter where you get arrested for a DUI, the penalties for such an offense, should you get convicted, can be very serious. Fortunately, it’s viable to contest a charge if you understand the gist behind specific defenses you may be able to use. By mounting a viable defense, you may be able to persuade the court to either drop or reduce the charges, prevent a near-inevitable suspension of your driving license, or even get acquitted if luck favors you.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Experienced Indianapolis Attorneys on State DUI Laws and Procedure

Each criminal case is unique and would have variations in procedures, fines, and penalties between states. This applies to DUI cases, so if you or a friend get arrested for such, it’s important to be familiar with your own state’s laws. Experienced Indianapolis attorneys like Eric L. Risk Attorney at Law are well versed with the processes in Indiana DUI cases. DUI Process, an online information resource for DUI cases, indicates that Indiana law section § 9-30-5 classified the state’s DUI laws as “operating a vehicle while intoxicated” or OWI.

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

How Indianapolis Attorneys Play a Part in Avoiding a Criminal Record

What’s important to know is that it’s best to outright avoid a criminal record. The problem is that people can make mistakes, and even false accusations can lead to convictions. This is where defense attorneys in Indianapolis can help. If you find yourself charged with a crime, you might feel overwhelmed. However, not all hope is lost. Your first move should be to call a criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis like Eric L. Risk, Attorney at Law to assist you in the things to come. A legal professional can help you get your bearings and guide you in the right direction. This will depend on the details of the case, including the strength of the evidence for and against you, your guilt (or lack thereof), and other factors. Thus, cooperation between you and your lawyer is crucial to attaining the best possible results.