Monday, September 22, 2014

Having Reputable Indianapolis Attorneys Get you off the Drunk Train

Reviewing current rules on public intoxication and the arresting officer’s report may work if you think there were inconsistencies, which a criminal defense attorney in Indianapolis can use to question the other camp. In the arrest report, the officer wrote that Morgan’s behavior at the time was “annoying.” However, defense lawyers argued before the Indiana Court of Appeals that the public intoxication provision in Indiana Code Title 7.1, Chapter 5 (Alcohol and Tobacco) was “unconstitutionally vague” on what is actually established as ‘annoying behavior’. It only states liability if the defendant made or is moving towards a public disturbance, endangers a person’s life or another, or “harasses, annoys, or alarms another person.” The judges used a popular online dictionary’s definition of the word annoy to give additional credence to the ruling.

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