Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Trusted Indianapolis Defense Attorneys Can Help Against DUI Charges

Being hit with two driving charges can be a tedious struggle at best. The evidence laid down by both sides carry a chance to swing the case either way, which a preferred defense counsel will exhaust all options to work in your favor. Bleacher Report columnist Mike Chiari said the situation surrounding NFL player Nick Fairley had its own fare of mixed results – how does an acquittal for DUI and a conviction for reckless driving sound? Facing DUI and reckless driving can be a nightmare for Indiana’s motorists. The state Bureau of Motor Vehicles has proven effective at enforcing laws on both reckless driving and aggressive driving while DUI checkpoints are fairly common. If you are facing any intoxication-related charges stemming from driving, Indianapolis defense attorneys such as Eric L. Risk are just a phone call away.

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